Six new BlueSky Airways flight attendants are currently attending a world-renowned training center in South Africa.

The training focuses on safety and emergency procedures. Topics include aviationBlueSky Airways Flight Attendants In Training security, aviation medical training, aircraft type-specific training, dangerous goods training, and live fire-fighting training. Water lifesaving is also covered, so in the very rare case of a water landing, BlueSky flight attendants are prepared to ensure passengers’ safety.

Another facet of the training covers excellence and customer service. The trainees learn topics such as etiquette and service presentation. They also are becoming well versed in assisting special needs passengers.

In order to obtain their license at the end of the training, each flight attendant must achieve a comprehensive score of 90% or higher.

BlueSky’s emphasis on safety and service excellence begins before our employees’ first day of work. We invest in intensive training so we can provide the very best safety, excellence and reliability for our guests.