The Blue Sky Dove Trust has been established in Botswana to provide support for Christian ministries in the Southern African region. We took the opportunity to interview Robert Genheimer, who is the operation manager of the BlueSky Dove Trust.

Let’s start with the BlueSky Dove Trust. Why is the Trust so important to BlueSky Airways’ directors and team?

The desire of all the directors of Blue Sky Airways is to reach out to anyone and everyone with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to show the love and compassion that God has for all of us. Blue Sky Dove Trust has been set up to facilitate this desire. In many ways, the purpose of the Airline lies in the functioning of this Trust.

Robert Genheimer

Robert Genheimer is the operations manager of the BlueSky Dove Trust.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, the son of second generation missionaries to Southern Africa. I completed high school there, and then went to the USA where I completed a BA degree in Fine Arts from Bethel College, as well as taking some further courses in Biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute. Esther and I were married during that time and began our family together. I worked in a number of different jobs and gained experience in fields such as construction and management. I came to Botswana in 1988 along with Esther and two children as missionaries with Africa Evangelical Fellowship. My position was to oversee the literature work and to manage the Lesedi Christian Bookshop in Gaborone. Esther and I had another two children born in Botswana. I left the position as manager of Lesedi in 2012, turning over the management of the bookshop to the Africa Evangelical Church. We stayed in Botswana and continued to function as a missionaries, nurturing relationships with many people and helping out with the bookshop and churches as well as mission organizations.

How did you come to be a part of BlueSky Airways?

In 2014, I was approached by Mark Spicer about the opportunity of overseeing a trust that was to be set up in connection with Blue Sky Airways. Mark and I have been friends and fellow workers since 1992 when he and his wife Deb first came to Botswana. After praying and considering the opportunity, we felt that, not only was I well suited for the position, but also that it was what God wanted us to do.


We are thankful to have Bob on our team and look forward to the work the BlueSky Dove Trust will do to accomplish the BlueSky Airways mission.