BlueSky Philosophy

At BlueSky we care about your safety, your time, and our community.

We provide excellence, reliability and safety to our clients, while giving back to our community. Make your travel more than getting to your destination, make it part of an investment into the future generation.


The corporate values for BlueSky Airways include the following:

  • Christ-like, God honoring attitude in all aspects of operations
  • High standards in the flight and maintenance programs
  • Excellence in service through honesty, quality, integrity, sincerity, joy and professionalism.
  • To adhere to the highest standards of safety, excellence and professionalism while providing  commercial aviation services in Botswana, Southern Africa and the region beyond.


  • To provide a high quality and affordable scheduled aviation services within the Southern Africa region to individuals and organizations.
  • To partner with like-minded airlines to provide the best quality of service and options to our passengers.
  • To build the Aviation Department’s capacity, efficiency and sustainability in order to generate resources to benefit missions, churches and non-government / non-profit organizations through the BlueSky Dove Trust