The BlueSky Airways current board of directors consists of Mark Spicer, Julian Scales, and Chris Garland.  All have been involved in business management with numerous years in aviation.

Mark Spicer
Mark SpicerManaging Director
Mark Spicer, the Managing Director, has been in aviation for more than 33 years and in Botswana aviation for over 18 years, with experience in all aspects of the business, including flight and maintenance. He has 10 years experience in the flight operations department with an airline in the USA and has managed with an aviation organization in Botswana for more than 12 years, five years in the 90s and returned to manage in 2006. He has flown six different airliner aircraft in his experience. He is excited about developing aviation in Botswana and offering new options for the flying public.
Julian Scales
Julian ScalesDirector
Julian Scales, BlueSky Airways Director, is a citizen of Botswana and has been a successful businessman here for many years. Mr. Scales owns an electrical engineering company and an energy and gas company. He recently developed a turbine power plant for Botswana to supplement electricity for the country. He has owned and operated a charter company in Zimbabwe, as well as several aircraft of his own for business flying. With his background in business and his contacts in Botswana, he is a valuable asset on the BlueSky board.
Chris Garland
Chris GarlandDirector
Chris Garland, BlueSky Airways Director, has been in Botswana for 22 years. He is a successful businessman working with large corporations in business development. He is also an aircraft owner and pilot with a strong knowledge of aviation, particularly in Botswana. He brings valuable knowledge to the BSA operation in the area of development. Mr. Garland has 36 years of practical work experience on the African continent in the following fields: Logistics, Project Management, International Financial Planning & Corporate Structuring, Foreign Direct Investment Consultancy, Investment and Funding Management. He serves on many boards in Botswana including Botswana Investment Trade Centre (BITC), formerly BEDIA & IFSC.

Department Managers and Supervisors

Jada L. Cofield
Jada L. CofieldCabin In-Flight Manager
Jada L. Cofield is the Cabin In-Flight Manager for BSA and will manage the flight attendant department.  She brings a wealth of background and experience into the operation and will be instrumental for the high level of customer service and safety that BSA will provide to our passengers.  She has very high standards and knows how to make the customer feel important from the moment they arrive on the aircraft.